“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” 

Agnes Sligh Turnbull

On September 9th, 2018 my first husky came to me from Belarus, and that’s when our ongoing adventure began.

We are a new Siberian Husky kennel, our house is a home to four Siberian Huskies and a Great Dane. These dogs are our family members, they spend their days curled up on the couch as well as outdoors. In their favorite time of year - the winter, huskies prefer to stay outside because the snow is one of their biggest happiness’s in life.

Our first litter of puppies was born very recently - 31.12.2020, Maya gave birth to five beautiful puppies out of which I kept a uniquely colored female “Fiji”, from our second litter I kept a black and white female “Nairobi” and a grey and white male “Bill”. Nairobi has begun her show career very well and is TOP LATVIA’S BEST PUPPY OF ALL BREEDS 2022!

All of our dogs have undergone all the necessary health checks and are free of dysplasia and congenital eye problems (cataracts, glaucoma). Mostly we participate in dog shows and do breeding work, but for the huskies to be in a perfect condition we do bikejoring but when the weather is not on our side ,the dogs run on special treadmills because their energy needs to be spent!

And It’s always important to remember, that  A TIRED HUSKY IS A GOOD HUSKY!

Each of our litters are thoroughly thought through and analyzed in advance to produce the best quality puppies possible. All of our bred dogs have received champion titles and high ratings at international exhibitions! And they’re perfect pets as well as sport dogs. All our puppies are identified by microchips, get age appropriate vaccines, an EU animal passport and are repeatedly treated against  parasites. All puppies are constantly socialized with people, children and other dogs.

We always provide the new puppy owners with answers to all the questions they might have! It’s mandatory to remember that Siberian Huskies are not an easy breed, they come with all their breed peculiarities! If a dog is not properly employed, it will put It’s energy out by destroying furniture. Huskies are working dogs, they were created to run, pull sleds and overall be strong enough to handle long distances. Huskies are pack animals, meaning it is really important for them to constantly be surrounded by their people and/or other dogs.

 Huskies don’t love loneliness!

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from our kennel or have any questions regarding the breed, please don’t hesitate contacting us!